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Garden Tours

Our  virtual garden tour committee consisting of Susan, Francico Nava, Axel Becerra and Judie have been busy organizing, touring gardens, filming, and learning  We are very excited to share these videos with you and know that you too will love them.. 

A Christmas Garden in Ajijic

If you would like more details about donating, call or email Susan Bainbridge at Susan will individually meet with members to pick up donations. We are collecting donations only for 2021, no dues.

When our Club re-opens, this pertains to our physical garden tours

Members Only Please!
Our monthly garden tours have been created for members only.

OUR GUEST POLICY: Visitors (house guests) who are accompanied by members in good standing are welcome to attend LCGC events. Please wear your membership card/badge.


Prospective members may come as a guest once a year. We will send information to members via e-mail regarding gardens being presented, times, locations and directions. Those who are generous and gracious enough to allow our members access to their properties and gardens do not want these events open to the public.

  • Bring your latest membership card for admittance.

  • Please do not arrive at the tour home before 10:45 A.M. and be complete the tour by 11:15 A.M. (unless otherwise stated).

  • Our meeting/lunch at La Nueva Posada starts at 12:00 (unless otherwise stated). Reservations  Required.

When visiting a garden on our monthly garden tour, we have been requested to remind our members to please show respect for the garden, the homeowner and the staff (maids and gardeners). Homes are traditionally off limits, so please do not even ask to see inside someone's home or to use their facilities. We do not want to lose the privilege of viewing gardens, and we have had some complaints. Please be on your best behavior. 

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