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Organic Gardening:

Presented by Deena Hafker

Scale (Brought by ants), Rusts and white powdery mildew, and Insects in general: 1 Tbl dish soap (to emulsify, use non-antibacterial) 2 Tbls vegetable oil (coats bugs pores and smothers them) 1 Tbl baking soda (natural fungicide) 1 gal water

General Fungal diseases: 1 Tbl baking soda ¼ Tsp insecticidal soap 1 gal water

Soft bodied insects and scale: 4 Tbls vegetable oil 1 Tsp insecticidal soap 1 gal water

Mealy bugs: Rubbing alcohol (spray directly on bugs)

General weekly spray (also a good preventative spray): 1 Tbl baking soda 1 Tsp Neem oil 1 Tbl insecticidal soap 1 gal water

In general, spray in the mornings. You can mix up the gallon of liquid and store it; then use a liter bottle to spray. You will probably have to spray a couple times a week before the problem is eliminated.

Lawn Yellowing Spots/Due to Soil Pests: A concentrated layer of Tobacco Wastes spread on the infected area only. The nicotine will kill all soil organisms, good and bad, so use carefully. However, can be used sparingly mixed with compost as a mulch/fertilier (3-1-6).

Compost/Grass Tea:

A good nitrogen fertilizer for house and potted plants – stop using when plant starts to fruit/flower. Mix water and finished compost and/or grass in a container - 1:1 ratio – stir up and let sit for three days. Pour off the water and use on the plants by again mixing with water in a 1:1 ratio.

I like to raise heirloom vegetables to keep diversity alive, instead of one type of carrot or lettuce or bean etc. A good source of seeds is or just google and find a source that you like. Also, most online seeds companies have excellent information on how to grow etc.

I sell my vegetables, kefirs and yogurts at the Tuesday Organic Market which is now in its 6th year.

Thank you, Deena Hafker

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